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Our company is committed on achieving excellence in all of its endeavors. This is done through teamwork and the continuing grow of each employee. We are dedicated to be a corporate leader in our industry, producing quality service and products that consistently meet and exceed our high standards.

We realize that there is always as way to improve our existing service and product.We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our operations in all departments through open communication and improvement initiatives. We strive to empower our employees, acknowledging that they are the foundation to our success. Because of this we encourage our employees to solve problems, develop and manage new ideas and processes, while we provide them all the resources they need to be successful.

Mr. Nabil Basma

General Manager


A company that provides to its clients and community solutions and convenience to get with the products and services, supplied to offices, residential, schools, HORECA, public areas, health care center and banks. These products includes all kinds of furniture, electronics, equipment and stationeries.


This we shall achieve by:

  • Ensuring continual improvement in our business process

  • Providing growth oriented work environment to our employees

  • Establishing and maintaining a symbiotic mutualism kind of partnership relationship with our stakeholders

  • Continuous training to our young and dynamic staff to satisfy our clients and serves the community in healthy and inspiring environment that encourage the win win culture.

Mr. Nabil Basma

General Manager

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