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A division of Al Jaidah Brothers will provide innovative and creative business solutions through wide range of products and services tailored for intricate taste of our clients. From office furniture, home furniture, IT and Electronics solutions, office supplies and office equipment tailored to every intricate taste of our valued clients . Our line of products suits all office establishments whether corporate or government, banking or hospitality industry, residential, public areas, schools, HORECA and health care centers. We maintain our competitive edge in the market because of our top caliber employees who are passionate and willing to go beyond the extra mile to be of service to our clients. We are one team who encourage healthy and inspiring environment in order to attain the win-win culture.


Our team is composed of highly motivated and active professionals who are committed and ready to be of service with our clients.


Our company offers and distributes the following products and services.

  • Furniture Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and office furniture to our clients. Supplying them with the furniture they desire and require. Our Interior Designers will make Space Planning by developing plans and layouts for the furniture to maximize the use of the available space. Full range will be coming from countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, China and Taiwan. Ismobel, Las Mobili, Linea Italia, J. Gorbe, Uffix, Codutti, Forma5, Meco, JMM, Kastel, Quinti, Nicoline, Doimo Sofas, Antidiva, ADAM, Burmatex, Tonon, Pedrali, Tacchini, Giulio Marelli, Domitalia, Doimo-MIS, Camillo Sirianni, Vastarredo, Arte Arredo and Boher.


  • IT Products and Solutions

Being a partner with the leading brands of Information Technology company makes us a reliable provider of Security, Printing, Scanning and Educational Products. We provide the following solutions and services for the following:
1. Educational Classroom solutions : Projectors , Interactive Panels , and software .
2. Computing solutions : PC’s , Laptops , Tablets , Workstations , and servers .
3. Professional AV solutions : Meeting rooms , Classrooms and Auditoriums .
4. Printing solutions : card printers , Office printers , Photocopiers , and large format printers
5. Scanning solutions : Archiving scanners and archiving software , professional cheque scanners , Photo scanners and BIO scanners .
6. Data Centers solutions : infrastructure , hardware , storage and software .
7. CCTV solutions 
8. UPS corporate solutions 
9. Security solutions for corporate and government entities .
10. Authorized Service Center for Leading IT vendors. 

  • Contract Furniture

    • We will provide the right product at the right price at the right time for Hotels and Apartments furnishings, Spa and Clubs, Libraries, Schools, Environmental facility and product needs.


    • Pedrali, Tonon Spa, Paged, Kian


  • Environmental Waste Container, Bins and Receptacles, Fire Extinguisher Containers and Outdoor furniture

    • Mobles 114, Planning Sisplamo, Rexite, Sit Urban Design, Fin Bin Caimi & Auweko



    • We provide any office supplies, office equipment and satisfy the office needs. With our full range of items Navigator Copy Paper (Portugal), Maxi, Comix and Eagle (China), Eagle SunSafe and Plus Currency Discriminator and Currency Counting Machine (Korea), Linex (Denmark), Rocada and Busquets (Spain), Magnetoplan, Staedtler, Geha, Pelikan and RS Office (Germany), Presign (Netherland), Casio Calculator and Pilot Pens (Japan), Kangaro Staple and Punchers (India), Toy Market (Lebanon). And other items such as Foska, Fantastick, Maped, Uniball, Atlas, Pentel, Alpha, SDI, Carl, Foldermatem Olfa, Nideka Time Recorder, Dymo, Sinar Line, Falken and UHU, 3M, Conic, Seetech Currency Counter and many more.


    • With our Italian partners Cyber Engineering specialist, we will provide the best archiving solutions to maximize and save space of your office filing areas.

We firmly believe that we are highly qualified to carry out the excellent business relation with your esteemed company and premise you of our best services at all time with the above information. We will appreciate to meet and discuss further with you our products and services at your most convenient time.

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